Friday, December 4, 2015

For my artifact i was given/chose to create the business card. 

I have made samples that are the size of an envelope
and will pass those out in class so people can experience 
the LUVA effect in a small way.
The back page is presented in the same Raleway font that was located on the website and i kept the color scheme the same and used that to keep continuity throughout.
 Law of thirds picking up the heart that is chilling behind the words
                                  I was trying to make the back page not so symmetrical because
                               the front was already so symmetrical and i wanted it to be different.
I went with the heart logo in the very back of the page behind everything
in the top left hand third, and then i left people to look at the bottom third with the dark
black instagram logo to try to drag them to the bottom of the page to get the contact
information. Phone, website, and social media.
The business cards will be be a little larger than the typical business card. 
With my lack of skill and ability in graphic design i wasn't able to get the colors to fade from the sunset all the way down the page behind everything. The plan was to use those colors as a back drop but i decided for now i would just keep the white and be happy with that. 

This business card is interactive you don't just use your eyes but you actually get a sneak peak in to the real product. There are two slits in the business card for your fingers. Slip one finger in to each slit and you will be able to experience a small taste of what the Luva can do for you and your loved ones walks in the cold weather.
 Experience a small part of the beauty of the Luva!!
They Happyness is contagious!!
 Insert two fingers and wala!! you have the Luva experience.
inside look into the fleece!

Thats all i got! buy one already your sweetheart will love you

Monday, November 2, 2015

I have decided to do the final scene from Furious 7. After much thought and delaying the decision until Sunday night i decided that i was going to try this one after all. I understand that this scene isn't exactly one of the easier ones to use considering they had to film the tribute with Pauls brothers and CGI technology. But when the assignment came up this was the first thing i could think of and i am going to stick to it. The scene starts out over the ocean and comes cruising in to find paul and the crew sitting at the beach. When Pauls son comes over to him and he has to set aside his visiting and start doing dad things. Then the most important part of the entire scene takes place. The music is entirely responsible for making the tribute to Paul Walker what it was in this film. Granted anytime you take peoples emotions and especially with a true passing of one of the main characters of a franchise film like the fast and furious it is going to  strike some chords with people. The Art Director and Producer both had their inputs for the final scene and how to do the tribute in an effective manner but not take away from the entire film. By making this the final scene i believe they did the best job they could at not taking away from the film. But if you ask anyone what they remember about the film they will always bring up the tribute. there were flaws in the tribute and it didn't exactly flow great with transitioning to different flashbacks but they had to try and paint a picture that could explain how close the crew grew over the years. One thing i noticed that was wrong was the car sound of pauls car as he pulls even with Vin Diesel. It is the sound of a car from an earlier movie and if you watch it closely you will see it doesn't match up. The director of Art and producer saved this entire scene by wisely choosing a song that would draw out emotion in the viewers. by placing this song with this scene everything was saved and turned out to be one of the best tributes that i can remember for a single person. Here is the ending to the film on a youtube clip .

there is a better tribute put together on youtube that i liked more but it wasn't used because it didn't fit as well with the film. The one on this site shows bloopers and explains the kind of guy Paul was to work with.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

When looking for my favorite director I came across the name Steven Brill. Who directs without a paddle which is one of my favorite movies, but he also directed a film called heavy weights which I absolutely loved!! He directed a lot of Adam Sandler films as well which are also some of my favorites. But I also enjoy the films directed by Antoine Fuqua. Shooter is one of my all time favorite movies and I just enjoy the way he brings everything to pass. I think it is amazing how looking through all of my favorite movies i saw so many directors that had the ability to make so many different styles of movies. There is so much talent out in the movie world now days.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

I have chosen to use this picture taken of a group of friends and my self. while i was setting the phone up to take this picture i tried to use the grass as a line of the first third. It starts to bend up like we are on a mound because of the way i set the camera to give it that look that drags you into the center of the picture
with the ever so slight diaganol grass line. Then i went on to use the row of heads trying to hit the other line of thirds and while it isn't exactly on the line it was close enough to balance the picture out to where we liked it enough to keep it. This was taken by self timer and on the  first try so i can't complain with the outcome.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

For my website i have chosen to use the homepage at Eastbay is a website i used a lot more when i was in high school before each season as i would look at the new shoes for each sport i was planning on playing. When i opened up their website i found it to be as user friendly as I remembered. The first thing you see when you open the website is shoes. Shoes everywhere and different styles as well. Then the home page begins to come to life. The middle third of the page begins to scroll through and show you about six different styles of shoes or sales that they have at the moment. At the bottom right hand side of the moving screen there is always a button you can push that says shop now. Each moving pages shop now button will take you to that category you selected. If you want to shop by gender, age, category or even shoe size that is also an option. in the top left hand there is a button that just says shop. When you select that button the options open up and you can then choose your sport, your clothing articles or even that shoe size you desire to look for. The website is very user friendly and easy to use which makes it effective as well. The scrolling pages make the user very intuitive as they want to see what is going on and why the scrolling pages are doing what they are doing. Another thing i like about this website is they aren't congested. They have plenty of spacing and it makes for a very effective home page that wont intimidate users and scare them away because they are afraid they will be in an intensive search for what they want. Eastbay has done a great job in my opinion.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Design the good and bad

     I have chosen Back packing water bottles for my good and poor designs. When back packing the key usually is to stay light, pack as little extra weight as possible. So my good design in this case goes to the plastic water container where the heavy duty one is going to be the poor design. The Black water bottle as we will refer to it just to be completely clear on our conversation isn’t designed the best for the back packer’s idea of the trip. First of all they do not have anywhere to hook the bottle onto a lanyard or any sort of hook so you must have on your back pack available somewhere to slide the water bottle or hold it in your hand the entire time. When you look at the blue bottle you will notice that it has a hook on the very top that you can hook to any belt loop or lanyard you please making it very back packer friendly.
    Similarity can be found in the fact that they both hold roughly the same amounts of water, but differences apply when you look at the transparency. You never really know exactly how much water you have in the black bottle because you can’t see the water levels. With the blue bottle you always know how much water you have and you never have to guess.
     The simplicity of the blue bottle is above all others, it is a plastic bag that can be rolled up into a super small object when not needed or be folded out to a water bottle when in need. The black bottle must remain that same size and shape the entire time which makes it tough to take everywhere.
     In closing remember this, if you are going back packing, you want to keep your pack light. Choose the lighter style of water bottle and enjoy it. When the blue bottle is empty you won’t even notice it is on your pack because you can fold it right up and make it disapper. Where with the black bottle you cannot exactly make it disappear, nor can you clip it onto you pack because it doesn’t have anywhere to clip to. Stay light and you will succeed.

side notes
Both bottles were sold between the 12-20 dollar range and both had the option of a water filter add on as well.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Contrast, Balance and Harmony "Ball Is Life"

In this photo the eye has a tendency to jump all over the place right away. So much going on one might say. Why is there no balance to this picture? All the different shades are getting to me, but to me this picture calls out from a deeper point of view. Sports, the phrase ball is life, hits home with me really hard. My entire life has been based around sports and that is what I know. Like any match, tournament, game, ect... there is no balance. You never reach that comfortable stage in sports if you are trying to get better. 

This picture demonstrates multiple forms of contrast, size, texture, position and shape. The size of the balls ranges from basketball clear down to golf ball. Each ball has its own texture that you can see if you put your eye to the test it almost brings the feel of each ball to your hands.

This photo is clearly Asymmetrical as it is not really centered around anyone object and it is created with a number of different sized and shaped objects. What I was going for here is trying to test some tension with the un-balanced approach to taking the picture just the way I wanted it.

This photo wont have the same cultural or psychological effect on everyone as it does to me and other sports enthusiasts. As I stare into this picture it brings back years and years of competitions in each of these sports. I can look at the driver and golf ball and be taken back to my fourth place finish in the high school region golf tournament in 2008, or it can take me to winning the two man scramble I entered in the last week of July with a friend of mine. The softball glove, ball, cleats and bat bring back memories made with family and my best friends in softball tournaments over the past 4 years of my life. Basketball and shoes can take me clear back to the very first time I shot hoops with my dad when I was less than a year old. Or it can take me to those days and hours spent in a gym just drowning out the bad days while shooting hoops.
The volleyball up front really brings the balance out in this picture if you were to get rid of everything else in the picture. It is very symmetrical in the sense that all of the shades of black match up with one another right where you would expect them to.  
Harmony is found in this picture in two ways for me. The first being the light grey-scale coloring, not too dark and not too light, it sets a comfortable mood. The second is just the thoughts and memories it brings back to me that have a harmonic tone to them. The saying that is so commonly used with athletes now days is "ball is life" and this photo describes that saying perfectly, and for me ball really is life.